Monday, October 19, 2009

BMW 320 Sport Convertible

Price: £25,000

used BMW 320 Sport Convertible
Image tags: bkw 320, bms 320 Sport, bma 320, bm3 320 photos.
BMW 320 Sport interior
Image tags: used bme 320, bmq 320, bm2 320, bmd 320.
- 13,000 miles
- black napa leather
- sports seats, xenon lights, all sports refinements

BMW 528i SE Auto

Price: £3,000

used BMW 528i SE Auto
Image tags: auto gmw 528i SE, bnw 528i, bkw 528i, bjw 528i, bmq 528i used.
BMW 528i SE interior
Image tags: bma 528i, bms 528i, bm3 528i, pics bm2 528i.
- 78,000 miles
- black with full black leather
- 18" wheels, body coloured bumpers

BMW 330Ci Sport Coupe

Price: £11,000

used BMW 330Ci Sport Coupe
Image tags: bkw 330ci pics, bjw 330ci, bmq 330ci, bma 330ci, sport coupe bms 330ci.
BMW 330Ci Sport interior
Image tags: nmw 330ci, hmw 330ci, gmw 330ci, bnw 330ci used.
- 43,000 miles
- red with full black leather
- bi-xenons, mv11 wheels, harman kardon sound system

BMW 645Ci Convertible

Price: £24,000

used BMW 645Ci Convertible
Image tags: bms 645ci pics, bme 645ci, bm3 645ci, bm2 645ci, bmw 545ci used.
BMW 645Ci interior
Image tags: bnw 645ci, bkw 645ci, bjw 645ci used, bmq 645ci, bma 645ci.
- 39,000 miles
- grey with black dakota leather, black hood
- heated seats, xenons, servotronic steering

BMW 335i Convertible Sport

Price: £28,000

used BMW 335i Convertible Sport
Image tags: bkw 335i, bmq 335i, bm2 335i, used convertible bm3 335i.
BMW 335i Sport interior
Image tags: used hmw 335i, nmw 335i, bnw 335i sport, bjw 335i.
- 28,000 miles
- titan silver black dakota leather
- bmw assist, sports seats, xenon lights

Sunday, October 18, 2009

BMW Z4 3.0i SE Convertible

Price: £13,000

used BMW Z4 3.0i SE Convertible
Image tags: bjw z4, bmq z4, bma z4, bms z4 used.
BMW Z4 3.0i SE interior
Image tags: bme z4, bm3 z4, bm2 z4 pics, bmw x4.
- 34,000 miles
- titan silver, full black leather & black hood
- heated sports seats, mv11 18" wheels

BMW M3 Convertible SMG

Price: £22,000

used BMW M3 Convertible SMG
Image tags: bjw m3, bkw m3, used nmw m3, bnw m3.
BMW M3 SMG interior
Image tags: bm2 m3 photo, bm3 m3, bmq m3, bme m3.
- 47,000 miles
- metallic silver with imola red leather
- 19" wheels, heated seats, sports seats, xenons

BMW X5 3.0d Sport Auto

Price: £21,000

used BMW X5 3.0d Sport Auto
Image tags: bjw x5, bma x5, bmq x5, bms x5.
BMW X5 blue interior
Image tags: hmw x5, bnw x5, gmw x5, bkw x5.
- 39,000 miles
- blue with light beige exclusive napa leather
- heated sports seats, xenon lights

Saturday, October 17, 2009

BMW X5 3.0d Sport

Price: £21,000

used BMW X5 3.0d Sport
Image tags: bma x5, bmw z5, bmw s5, bmw c5 used.
BMW X5 Sport interior
Image tags: bm3 x5, used bme x5, bmd x5, bms x5.
- 39,000 miles
- black, black dakota leather
- mir's, bi-xenons, heated sports leather seats

BMW M3 SMG Convertible Individual

Price: £20,000

used BMW M3 SMG CAB Individual
Image tags: bkw m3, bjw m3, bmq m3, bma m3.
BMW M3 SMG interior
Image tags: bme m3, bm3 m3, bm2 m3, bmw n3.
- 53,000 miles
- diamond pearl, with black nappa leather
- heated sports seats, xenon lights, 19" wheels

BMW X5 3.0d Sport Individual

Price: £18,000

used BMW X5 3.0d Sport Individual
Image tags: bmq x5 auto, used bma x5, bms x5, photos bme x5, bm3 x5, bm2 x5 wheels sport.
BMW X5 Sport interior
Image tags: car vmw x5, nmw x5, hmw x5, test drive gmw x5, bnw x5, bkw x5 used.
- 59,000 miles
- estoril blue with exclusive grey leather
- sports seats, xenon lights, coded front bumper

BMW 530d Sport

Price: £17,000

used BMW 530d Sport
Image tags: bnw 530d pics, used bkw 530d, bjw 530d, bmq 530d.
BMW 530d interior
Image tags: vmw 530d, nmw 530d sport, car hmw 530d, gmw 530d.
- 56,000 miles
- carbon black, full black dakota leather,
- sports leather seats, cruise control, sports wheels

BMW M3 Convertible SMG Individual

Price: £21,000

used BMW M3 Convertible SMG Individual
Image tags: vmw m3 2010, gmw m3, vehicle hmw m3, photo nmw m3, bnw m3 used.
BMW M3 Cabrio interior
Image tags: mbw m3, used bwm m3, bm wm3, bmw 3m pics.
- 46,000 miles
- diamond with full two tone silver/black leather
- 19" wheels, schnitzer exhaust

BMW 120d Sport

Price: £13,000

used BMW 120d Sport
Image tags: vmw 120d pics, used gmw 120d, hmw 120d, auto nmw 120d.
BMW 120d interior
Image tags: bnw 120d, bjw 120d used, photos bkw 120d, bmq 120d, bm2 120d car.
- 36,000 miles
- grey with full alaska grey boston leather
- xenon lights, head lamp wash, cruise control, front arm rest
- all sports refinements, 19" wheels

BMW 320Ci Convertible

Price: £17,000

used BMW 320Ci Convertible
Image tags: bnw 320Ci, photos bjw 320Ci, bkw 320Ci, bmq 320Ci, bm2 320Ci.
BMW 320Ci interior
Image tags: vmw 320Ci pics, used gmw 320Ci, hmw 320Ci, nmw 320Ci.
- 33,000 miles
- silver grey with exclusive red leather exceptional colour combo
- mv 11 sports wheels, front arm rest

BMW 318i SE Saloon

Price: £12,000

used BMW 318i SE Saloon
Image tags: used gmw 318i, hmw 318i, used nmw 318i, bnw 318i pics, bjw 318i.
BMW 318i interior
Image tags: bkw 318i, bmq 318i vehicle, sport bm2 318i, bm3 318i SE, bme 318i.
- 56,000 miles
- black, leather seats
- light pck, park dist/control, cruise control

BMW 330d Sport

Price: £18,000

used BMW 330d Sport
Image tags: bjw 330d photos, used bkw 330d, bmq 330d, bm2 330d car.
BMW 330d black
Image tags: vmw 330d, sport gmw 330d, hmw 330d used, nmw 330d, bnw 330d wheels.
- 57,000 miles
- black colour with black leather
- drive away lock, cruise control, light & wiper sen's

BMW M3 SMG Convertible

Price: £21,000

used BMW M3 SMG Convertible
Image tags: bnw M3 photos, bjw M3, bkw M3, bmq M3 used.
BMW M3 Cabriolet
Image tags: vmw M3 SMG, used gmw M3, hmw M3, 2010 nmw M3.
- 28,000 miles
- silver grey, light grey leather
- 19" wheels, sports leather seats, xenon lights

BMW 520d Sport

Price: £27,000

used BMW 520d Sport
Image tags: vmw 520d pics, gmw 520d, car hmw 520d, nmw 520d used.
BMW 520d interior
Image tags: bnw 520d photos, sport bjw 520d, bkw 520d used, bmq 520d.
- 7,000 miles
- carbon black with cream beige dakota leather
- 18" m double sp/style wheels


Price: £30,000

used BMW M5 SMG
Image tags: bkw m5, photos bjw m5, bmq m5 new, 2010 bma m5, bms m5 used.
BMW M5 SMG interior
Image tags: vmw m5, used nmw m5, hmw m5 hot, gmw m5, bnw m5 pics.
- 49,000 miles
- black with silverstone 2 leather
- xenon lights, adapt/lights, servotronic st, xenons

BMW 318i SE Sport

Price: £12,000

used BMW 318i SE Sport
Image tags: auto vmw 318i, nmw 318i used, hmw 318i, hot gmw 318i, bnw 318i.
BMW 318i blue
Image tags: bkw 318i SE, car bjw 318i, bmq 318i, used bma 318i, bms 318i.
- 47,000 miles
- mystic blue with full contrasting leather, sports leather seats
- mv11 wheels, titan matt int/trim

BMW 325i SE Coupe

Price £18,000

used BMW 325i SE Coupe
Image tags: bm2 325i, bmw 225i used, bmw w25i, new bmw e25i, bmw 425i.
used BMW 325i interior
Image tags: bmw 315i, pics bmw 3q5i, bmw 3w5i auto, bmw 335i.
- 19,000 miles
- blue with full cream beige leather
- sports wheels, xenon lights

BMW 630i Sport Coupe individual

Price: £28,000

used BMW 630i Coupe
Image tags: vmw 630i, nmw 630i used, hmw 630i, pics gmw 630i, bnw 630i, bkw 630i hot, bjw 630i.
used BMW 630i interior
Image tags: bmq 630i, car bma 630i, bms 630i, bme 630i 2010, bm3 630i, new bm2 630i.
- 44,000 miles
- red Sport Coupe
- sports leather heated mem/seats

Friday, October 16, 2009

BMW 325i SE Auto

Price: £17,000

used BMW 325i SE
Image tags: vmw 325i, nmw 325i pics, hmw 325i, hot gmw 325i, bnw 325i car, bkw 325i, auto bjw 325i.
used BMW 325i interior
Image tags: bmq 325i photos, bma 325i, bms 325i, new bme 325i, bm3 325i.
- 26,000 miles
- sparkling grey with full black leather
- 18" wheels
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